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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  February 18, 2018 6:30am-7:01am EST

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for they are the worst of the worst we're working with the coalition on foreign fighter detainees and generally expect these detainees to return to their country of origin for disposition for now i have sole terrorists of u.k. origin who come back and do face prison sentences all other european countries have tried to reintegrate formal eisold militants back into society and denmark acts jihadists if you've received apartments and jobs to promote reintegration earlier we heard opposing views from our guests on how to deal with returning jihadists. initially britain said we're going to make them stateless remove their passports not going to allow them reentry other countries then said let's take a more light approach some of the nordic nations said let's try to be patrick that have cut radicalization programs which in part have actually been quite successful in some areas at the same time then the u.s. is now taking the lead and the u.s. defense said foreign countries need to repatriate their own citizens and deal with
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them using the rule of law and i think that's a central way to go they should not come back here it's as simple as that because they've committed the crimes abroad so why should the turks. foot the bill for all this rehabilitation and all the short probably they do in jail for quite a while that cost more when these crimes have been committed of course let the authorities deal with it under the rule of law in them. you know there are lots of different stories about what happens to these people if we make them stateless stand simply they will stay out there they will keep breeding extremism terrorism and radicalization and they'll keep killing and they'll keep hating us so we have it's a problem have to deal with you can't hide from it you cannot fall back on this british passport so you know i committed atrocities abroad but all for we british passport into the mix so we get sent back home no how do we know people have committed crimes without putting the evidence in front of them and putting them on trial just to assume people went out there so i don't want to go out of here i'm in london
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regularly on trial i'd like to go on in my own regularly well these are obviously the the un is so weak it's laughable the you again is so weak just nonexistent the should have. should have at the un peacekeeping forces making safe and so we could properly categorize these people rather than so ok these people go in to fight for whichever side these people fight. against but now because they fight for the kids to be classed here it becomes a ridiculous situation. the twenty third winter. big games in south korea have just passed the halfway mark the olympic athletes from russia or they are team has now a nine medals so far russia is officially not represented at the games because of alleged state sponsored doping in recent years now the scandal problem to the international olympic committee to ban numerous russian athletes for life and the
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athletes appealed that decision and the court of arbitration for sports overturned the lifetime bans for twenty eight russian athletes at the start of february however then the court did an apparent u. turn saying it actually supported the i.o.c. is decision not to allow some of the cleared ather leads to compete at the winter games and we spoke with the court of arbitration for sport secretary general asking him about the reasons behind both decisions and the full interview available online of r.t. dot com for now a quick preview these athletes applied but were united access to the games because the i.o.c. decided not to invite them so it was not the same question it was an eligibility issue that's a legal difference for us. only reviewed the question of the application of the law of the rules of the i.o.c. it reviewed only the process whether it was fair whether it was nondiscriminatory discriminatory. it found that it was not critical there was no.
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the rules were not unfair and they have complied with so it was only a legally stick approach again there was no review of every. for the entire case of the sochi case was not discussed here the report was last discussed here. the fact that you cannot establish the give evidence of the deal doesn't mean that you have established the innocence of the athlete this is the other way around with the sochi case because the i.o.c. had to show that the athletes were guilty the fact that the unable to show the guilt of an athlete doesn't mean that the athlete has nothing to do other with the case. we are not acting on the pressure so it was not a pressure for us because we have different panel of arbitrators they work independently and they are not really. they are not employees of caste they are
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independent people. once they have been notified to the parties we will publish them. with russian athletes prohibited from competing under their country's flag to trying to get reaction from fans around the world in young child. it will take a long while for russian athletes journalists like myself that i can tell you first sure to forget the acronym oh ok r after chang twenty eight thing well just before the winter games a group of russian designers thought they could take advantage of the international olympic committee's language sanctioned. i put one of those on myself and decided to walk around near the olympic park
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a little bit. what kind of team did people with this kind of sweatshirt support i'm growing. it's a limb take it half really really to get it for the russian north korean i think north korea russia the russians the food there will be here because they do that if you lose a limb. something a limb think athletes of russia what would you chant if you were annoying our team supporter oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh we come from really fall on our. own. legs feet some people say a russian animal can make a sound like that there you go a russian fair siberian tiger i fear long. fear
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will make it sound like it's hungry. for gold medals well judging by the first few days of the winter olympics the russian fans have chosen to stick to the more traditional chants and symbols. you know you're trying to go archie and. are still to come here with. foreign minister has resigned lying about him meeting with fly there may have. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be
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president and. want to. have to be right to be close with what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water . looking the russians aren't so different from the european neighbors when it comes to individual rights and freedoms however they do have a very low tolerance for uncertainty in politics that translates into a strong electoral advantage for the incumbent making power transition and precarious. for russians to see politically.
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thank you joining us for the weekly the u.s. justice department has indicted thirteen russian nationals and three companies in connection with alleged meddling in america's twenty sixteen presidential election but as there's no such criminal offense in the u.s. as meddling the defendants were charged with conspiracy to defraud the united states among the three indicted enterprises is the same petersburg based internet research agency which was accused of conspiring to sow political discord in the u.s. another was a catering company which is suspected of having helped fund the whole scheme in the first place now the thirteen defendants allegedly used methods ranging from organizing political rallies to posing as grassroots activists some of the supposed methods though slightly off the wall for example or driving around hillary clinton
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in person dressed as a convict in the back of a truck also they allegedly bought facebook ads to promote a rally title to support hillary and save american muslims but despite the supposed lengths to these ploys apparently had zero impact. there is no one elevation in the indictment that the charged conduct alter the outcome of the twenty sixteen election they wanted to quote so discord by. breaking into elections no stealing the numbers no changing the numbers no voter fraud no vote by merely providing information through advertisements thirty listings and social media accounts that were shared by americans the manly ins of dollars that have been involved in the russian investigation so far special constable council muller has indicted
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for people for that so that's all he has to show and so far nothing has been done let me remind you that we still don't know what russian collusion is we still don't know because deputy attorney general rosenstein today made it very clear that there was no evidence that anything that these russians or any russian did russian nationals or people who speak russian or people in the russian government but there was no evidence that any of this affected the election whatsoever isn't that fascinating and if it didn't affect the election what's the point of this. well the meddling allegation saga has been going going on for over a year now but it's still taking surprising twists and tonnes with one top democrat investigating allegations of trumped russia collusion finding himself and broiled
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in controversy and explains. in case you haven't noticed the democratic party is very worried about big bad russia the film portals into our society the kremlin clan russia has harnessed the tremendous and quite frankly to me frightening power of social media truly troubling evidence of the scope and reach of russia's interference in our last election and the top democrat on the senate's russian investigation mark warner is no exception to the rule i'm concerned. but the president still does not recognize the severity of the threat but apparently warner does and he will do anything necessary to battle moscow's reach based on leaked text messages between the senator and a second party it looks like when it comes to the russian threat the ends justifies any means and could in attempting to carry out some collusion of your own several of the messages show warner trying to arrange a secret meet up with christopher steele the former spy behind the now infamous. we
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want to do this right private in london i want to send less yet because if we can't get agreement would rather not have paper trail so who was warner depending on the set up the clandestine meeting with steel that would be one mr adam walton a lobbyist best known for acting on behalf of the russian tycoon did the pasta and according to the text while mine is also connected to julian asuncion another person accused of being a kremlin puppet now this is all way under the table warner repeatedly refused to make the invitation to speak to seal officially in writing while at the same time telling wildman that the pair's efforts would be helping america and apparently in his mind the way to do that is to be in coos with a confidant of one of the richest men in russia and according to republican senator mark rubio the whole senate intelligence committee has known about the contacts for months so if the other the democrats nor the republicans care about warner's conduct is it just that collusion is a problem reserved for only one party or is the reality here that russia is just being used in
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a political game of chess one or said it one point we have to be careful of paraphrasing here i don't want a paper trail now if what he was doing was fine and dandy and innocuous and no big deal then why would he care if there was a paper trail he certainly should have or his staff should have known who he was communicating with who this lobbyist represented if you're going to talk to a lobbyist about getting a one on one face to face with christopher steele then you should know who you're dealing with in trying to arrange that. the fix was in the ta is there between the democrats and russia more so than anything trump ever had to do with russia but it just shows what hypocrites they are and the american media just ignores these things. i suppose that link with russia has also allowed the dutch foreign minister in trouble he's resigned after admitting he lied about
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a meeting with president putin in two thousand and six. when a full overthrow of. images that we both want to. excuse. for. an emotional resignation. departure comes just a day before he was supposed to meet his russian counterpart in moscow let's listen for a moment to the remarks that finished his career because. fish in early two thousand and six i was advised to meet putin's country side house but i stopped at the back of a room or a meeting was being held but i could hear very well vladimir putin talking about a greater russia he said this included russia reuss ukraine and the baltic states and that cancelling stand would also be nice to have one of these has now acknowledged that it was a lie and that he wasn't even in russia in two thousand and six he said he did it
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to protect his source a person the presumably attended the meeting in our describes it as the biggest mistake of his political career in response to the news the dutch prime minister said that there were marks of his now former top diplomat accurately reflected at russian policy at the time we asked author and russia analyst martin mccauley about the confession from mr. there are two reasons why i made that statement one is that a projected to me to the public newspapers the headlines and so on this was a sensational statement to make and the second thing would be that of course it fed into the native. native narrative the narrative of the west at that time still is which is basically under russian seas put in as a threat to the national security and fed into that and therefore for these two
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reasons then it appeared to be from the dutch point of view this is a very good very good thing to do thanks for joining us for the weekly here on r.t. international we're back with more in half an hour. of flight for many. so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the beach or the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money. and spending to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game great so.
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it's going to. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last turn. here at the top to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for me i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each bet. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters my mind gets consumed with death this one difference i speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that
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mainstream media has met its maker. and is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos remember wolf it was dismissive to do it loving you i committed to this is my compass appears to be going out to the saudi holiday or they're all shot here without a job or they should the only palestinians who gets the most hopeful is jerusalem counterpart i don't think this is about those who endure in the open vision do not only could do this but i know it is unfair advantage to have this lady of the muscle that you had i don't want to continue my doesn't seem to do more in the middle sauce don't put this off. previously on the great american builder trafton right into the military one nine
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hundred sixty year old ship soviet. era were you born in forty eight or one sixty six. close nineteen fifty eight forty eight oh i'm not even close. to the reason i'm just the host of the program. everybody i'm stephen baldwin gushing with task hollywood guy usual suspects never a proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. enthusiastic uncle steve to me is going to join us this is my buddy max famous financial guru well she's a little bit different i'm out of here abraham lincoln or not that's no no no the last but not least my larger than life. the night an aspiring star rio. with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road to have some fun . meet everyday americans
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at home and what's america. suffered and see how things got so crazy i was making between the right thing to coax the start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. means. it's day number three in massachusetts and though the locals say all roads lead to boston our heroes still get the find their way into the city tough morning you know here. this is our we're a mobile pilgrimage for these folks thinking that we can make this turn of. mobile right now the president right out there right there this is our producer jared him and stephen don't always see eye to eye on the next we'll share. some you're not going to hit the house for
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a cable you're going to get out stay right there going to have a current here in a minute going on. but the truth is you can't take it thirty two foot motor i'm going to do it three point turn in the middle of nowhere actually massachusetts general laws title fourteen chapter eighty nine section nine says that but who's keeping track thank you much well this is just let me know if i'm going to get something after already getting lost our heroes attempt to navigate the former couch rails known as road to come forward from washington without the modern convenience of g.p.s. you know like real pilgrims so we don't know where we are right now right i felt this company is out of battery and gaffer take any of this on you did. about five miles out right now corner this is a modern day max khyber are starting to get in the ring here for boston comicon isn't responding to your idea i'm wondering. that's where the boston
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tea party happened right yes seventeen seventy three in the tea act got everyone really agitated and that's why they're the boston tea party seven hundred seventy three which is three years before the revolution many and in doing that that was a way of those groups like you know making a statement in the gains on the wars here we want to put. this in the call representing the great american pilgrimage. in the middle where that boston tea party took place where was that what are called the heart of boston harbor boston harbor why can't we get a barge. and put this servian on the barge and take it right out in the middle of boston harbor is that crazy what what the what you want to put this on a barge and float out in the middle of boston and i mean what what better way to to to celebrate this occasion then by honoring that great event with another great statement sometime really talk to jared about the.
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brotherhood pulling to boston mass. sure sits. on my own finally reaching their destination our heroes discover one of the many things boston is known for and the challenge is parked right here. it's parking the sucre it's not a no it's legal and. camber on that side of that sign not where we are now but if the sun is correct we can sit right here i believe they can't that's a great spot that corner or in since i got that one but it's probably a loading zone they all are. just so brilliant i want to get out now you're good to sure what's these trees coolers. after finally parking our heroes realize they're in cambridge home of harvard university or some of the top minds in the world choose to study so max ventures out and meet
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some future leaders of america. i'm kind of i got a story doubtfully from could you be b.b. like you kind of hit us didn't fully stop but just a little there's no need to get in the non-urgent. marilyn and just you know it's going well apparently we can't take mack's anywhere everybody be safe but knows that everything is don't do it everybody could fill the hole and oh i'm going to smack now two of those heroine and matt barreto be good ever to get back to. the max is getting an education about what the state away from the city stephen heads over to a local coffee shop meet a traveling nurse and learn what it means to be boston strong. close patty and just yes stephen even if we have a nice trip in turn ten and there you go birth thank you thanks for coming no
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problem you heard the bit of journey to join us even here so i had. you know before we get into all of that we're you from you were born where i was born in manhattan new york and then we moved here to massachusetts i graduated two thousand and six from nursing school and became a travel nurse i've traveled all over the country for the past eight nine years or so your health care. that's like a hot topic these days yet what would you say is the biggest issue your profession for nursing health insurance period you know we get people that don't have insurance and they get the best care. you know the border you get someone who is hardworking and has insurance and they get kicked out after the fifth day because there is a certain doesn't approve for you know whatever it is that they need or what not so
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sure in your opinion as you travel as a nurse a lot of folks who are uninsured are seeing more the benefits the middle to lower middle class one hundred percent yes. and back to mexico keep it one hundred thousand came. from i guess that. sounds compared to europe. or france i would compare you don't have heat. but i don't. think that you want to give me the street and you need to meet. with rising healthcare costs of education what that would mean you. might be. like four thousand years ago an average salary in france is last night in france so that you can french you feed it will mean that's going to. be one accent
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but at the end i don't know which is going to pay me yes i'm learning it steve. bitch. i want. now if i can be as somebody that's making them what it was i don't know which would be right hundred thousand euro you i would come to be a one hundred i was then here at least seven might be against me when i was shopping and i come back i'm like. why is that busting so much. culture to subsidize and a lot of the british yes yes yes take the cow with bread yes the bread i got i get it's one hundred whatever i am going to colombia at the bank yet i'm three bucks in the states but then i get the one but i think it's. because i'm back at the coffee shop stephen continues his chat with justice and learns more about her trip. enjoying her nursing in the travelling and i love it i absolutely
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love it i wouldn't change it for the world show you've gone too many many many many places i have what's what's a story or an experience related to your work that sticks out the most well actually i had a contract in boston here at mass general and i was actually when boss thing the marathon bombings and i was there breaking news this hour the finish line of the boston marathon is hit by two major explosions just seconds appalling these three people have reportedly been killed and many of us. had gone there at three of my friends one of them being like eight months pregnant my best friend and. there were two of our friends were running the marathon and we were standing at the finish line and my primary friends she was like you guys i'm starving i really need to eat we walked down the street we went to out that. everything and.
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heard the first bomb. everyone looked around but didn't really think anything of it you know it's not a kind of like a cannon going on and so they're probably celebrating a few minutes later the second one went off and i was was the one that was closer to us where like the buildings shook. and so that's when people started freaking out. the manager of the restaurant made everybody go downstairs. and told us that he was told that it was some kind of gas pipe. or was like that sounds like. that like that so we were in there it would seem like wondering what the hell was going on you know so they finally let us through the.


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